Frugal Fridays: Maybelline Baby Lips Balm And Blush £5.99

Colour 02 Flirty Pink 

I have seen this product on various instagram posts and decided to give it a try. Advertised as both a lip balm and cheek blush for just £5.99, this certainly ticks the box for saving money and being thrifty. It comes in four shades: two pink shades, a peach and a glittered bronze. 

Immediately attracting me was the vibrant, unusually shaped packaging. The smell of the balm is quite synthetic but not unpleasant. The size of the applicator feels big when applying to the lips but is a perfect size to apply directly to the cheek. It glides on and feels silky smooth giving a tinted, natural looking colour. It leaves a dewy finish, perfectly on trend for the upcoming spring. I wouldn’t use this as a go to lip balm for thirsty lips as it doesn’t have the nourishing, comforting feel of other lip balms (perhaps due to the synthetic feel/smell) but for a pop of colour and sheen it’s great. 
I will be using this as a quick fix to add colour, glow and make fresh of my winter skin. Perfect for school runs, trips to the shops or general day to day wear. 


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