Unwell? How to feel better.

It’s that time of year when illness strikes. I myself have been in bed for the past few weeks barely able to leave the house. I can’t imagine feeling unwell and having to look after children, so hats off to all those parents out there.

I have a ritual when I am unwell which always makes me feel better and, if only for 15 minutes, it means I can usually do the essentials like put the washing on, clean the bathroom and maybe have a quick tidy (I have to do this for my sanity). If all I can do is crawl back into bed, this still makes a difference to how I feel and I can normally return to slumber more peacefully.

Try these quick feel better fixes so you can either get on with your day or just to alleviate that groggy feeling.

  • GET UP

Get out of bed. If you have recently changed your sheets, push the covers back straight to air even if only for 5 minutes. Open the window for a little while. Rearrange and re-fluff your pillows, pull your sheet nice and straight. If you can manage it change the sheets so they are fresh and clean or get someone to do it for you. Now when you get back into bed it is all ready and will feel clean and comfortable.

  • WASH

Have a hot bath and wash your hair. For me, this helps me feel fresh and helps with that heady, blocked up feeling and I feel clean (not covered in or exuding germs). I tend to make the bath as hot as I can take (lobster hot). Not only does it help me to relax and freshen up it raises temperature which aids fighting off nasty bugs. If you can’t manage a long soak, have a hot shower or fill the sink with hot water with some bubble bath and use a flannel to freshen up. Dry your hair if washed.

  • SKIN

Cleanse your face. Use your normal cleanser to take your time to massage into your face and neck. Follow by a splash of cold water or toner and then a moisturiser.


Gargle with salt water/sniff salt water. If you have a sore throat or a cold this helps by cleansing the infected area and it also helps alleviate symptoms. It’s pretty gross and I normally gag but you will see when you spit out or blow your nose how much this helps. Use boiled water 1 cup to 1 tsp table salt, dissolve and allow to cool until tolerated.


Brush your teeth with a strong tasting toothpaste. There is nothing worse than a horrible taste in your mouth and furry teeth not to mention bin breath. If I have a sore throat or chest I take a few deep breaths while brushing to flush out my lungs and to wake me up.


Apply some scented body moisturiser and or perfume/body spray. If I have a cold or cough I will put some vapour rub on.


Change into some clean underwear/pyjamas or clothes.


Make a hot drink and a glass of water and stay hydrated. I like honey, lemon and ginger or a cup of sugary tea.


Take some medication or remedies to alleviate symptoms. Take vitamins or tonic.


Have something nourishing to eat or if you don’t have an appetite try a smoothie or energy drink.


Try putting a little bit of makeup on. A light base like a BB cream or tinted moisturiser, under eye concealer, a little cheek colour/highlighter and some lip balm or stick. At least you will look great or if not great, less yuck! If you don’t wear makeup give yourself a facial massage and pinch your cheeks/lips to give a bit of colour.

  • REST

If you can, go back to bed or lie on the sofa!

Above all, you know your body and if you are really unwell don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.

Hope you feel better!

Leah x


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